Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jolin (Music Instructor)

Name:    Jo Lin 

Her passion and interests has always been for the arts and music. As a child, Jo Lin has been trained to play the Piano and Gu zheng. She learned to sing from her Dad and her Aunt who sings professionally during her youth. Jo lin sings professionally as part of the girl group Supergirls since 1999. She has a knack for listening to music and sounds. This is a talent that most singers now a days lack in. Her hearing is so sharp and sensitive that her friends and family members all brand her a Monster.

She was trained as a ballerina at a very young age, but gave that up because she felt she is more suited to dance something else that was
more meant for her size. She started giving children vocal and dance lessons in 2004, showcasing their talents at many event shows and music contests. 

Currently, she is focusing on giving Vocal and Piano lessons to everyone and anyone who is interested to learn.

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