Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jo Wee (Guitar Intsructor)

Name:  Jo Wee

The one and only multi-tasking musician with a big heart for music. No musician is capable of keeping up with his energy. As a kid, he could
play the guitar, read a book, listen to music, watch the television and tuition his cousins all at the same time.
This qualified engineer is so knowledgeable in Music and Guitars that even all of his students are totally amazed by it. By just being around him, you are able to grasp his passion and creativity. He met countless of Rock Stars, even had their autographs and pictures taken with them. If you ever visit his studio, you will see what a true guitar fanatic is.

Jo wee used to be in a band during his schooling days, but due to their busy schedules, all went their separate ways. He didn't let that keep him down. Up till date, he is still jamming away with his buddies and cousins till late in the night. He loves to rock it out with his favourite
axe, Ibanez. He has been teaching for years and love sharing his passion with people. He hopes to form a community of people who would come together and just create music.

If you are interested in taking up Guitar Lessons from him, you can SMS or call him directly at 91811176.

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