Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vocal, Dance, Piano and Guitar Lessons available @ Play Creation

Play Creation is now offering the chance to realise your dream through music. We will help you discover a whole new side of yourself just waiting to come alive. Our classes will not only build confidence, but also develop your personality, self-esteem, physical coordination skills and give you that much needed enthusiasm in life. You will realise that with these skills, you can excel academically better.

We offer Guitar, Piano, Vocal & Dance Lessons for everyone who is interested.

Guitar Lessons are SGD$ 120.00 for classical or SGD$ 140.00 for electric guitar - 60 min per session × 4 lessons [Once a week].

Piano Lessons are charged according to grades for 45 - 60 min per lesson × 4 lessons [Once a week]

Vocal - SGD$ 150.00 - 60 min per session × 4 lessons [Once a week]

Dance - SGD$ 150.00 - 90 min per session × 4 lessons [Once a week]

Vocal and Dance - SGD $ 250.00 - 120 min per session × 4
lessons [Once a week]

Package of both Vocal and Dance - SGD$ 850.00 - 120 min per session x 12 Lessons [Once a week]

Please call 63458384 or e-mail to for more details.